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BleachBright features state-of-the-art technologies that are safe, industry-unique and very cost-effective. Our patent-pending blue light emission LED lighting systems are calibrated precisely for optimal activation of our exclusive BleachBright whitening gel solution.The entire teeth whitening process is accelerated and able to be completed in just 20 to 25 minutes! Bleach Bright mouthpieces are specially designed for maximum comfort and focused LED targeting.



Our exclusive mouthpiece forms to the body of the teeth, eliminating the need for expensive custom made trays. Our unique gel formula that is refilled into the mouthpiece was specially formulated to respond to the exact wavelength setting on our state of the art light. The combination of the two creates the most effective whitening possible.



Our exclusive light is specifically calibrated to the precise nanometer level that is optimal for teeth whitening. The wavelength of the light is the most important factor in teeth whitening. Bleach Bright exclusive BB-Cool light is meticulously calibrated in the manufacturing process.



BleachBright products are placed perfectly into pressure pockets in the mouthpiece. This creates a squeezing effect and forces the intentionally thick carbamide peroxide gel solution into the very structure of each tooth.



Our amazing BleachBright products work in conjunction with pressure and controlled spectrum light rays that beam through our patent-pending mouthpiece. A 100% safe and painless reaction is catalyzed to create an internal mouth temperature that optimizes the activation of the carbamide peroxide solution. Hydroxyl radical activity is intensified – and your teeth are rapidly whitened from between two to eight shades.



The BleachBright Teeth Whitening System combines light, pressure, heat and the ultimate caramide peroxide gel solution to minimize the exposure time necessary to achieve noticeably beautiful enhancements to your smile.

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